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Hugh Johnson BA CAIA

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 Healthy Homes make a difference.

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Healthy Homes

Some of the contaminants that should be considered when buying or selling

- Mold problems stem from high moisture issues

-  Bacteria. Certain types should not be found in your home.

- Yeasts are considered as opportunistic pathogens

- Volatile Organic Compounds include off gassing from personal care products, alcohol, paints, varnishes, cleaning solvents and other products. mVOCs (Total Mold VOCs) result from mold mycotoxins.

- Formaldehyde. Building products typically make up a large proportion of the concentration, helping to cause sick home syndrome.

- Carbon monoxide. There have been recent cases of death due to this in Key West.

- Carbon Dioxide levels are dangerously elevated in many homes.

- Electro Magnetic Fields.  Children's exposure has never been so high. 

Unique Real Estate Service in Key West and Fl Keys


-Property listing on REALTOR®️MLS

(Multiple Listing System)

-Home Value Assessment 

-Indoor Air Quality Assessment

-HEALTHY HOME certification 

-Market Statistics

-Guidance for preparation of your home 

-Data interpritation of the latest statistics. (See below)

Having a good qualified buyer ignore your home due to an odor, or the suspicion of an air quality issue, is all too common and not good for the sale price. Hugh will guide you through the process that will help ensure a great showing.


-Property Search Tool Portal to REALTOR®️

MLS. Multiple Listing System

-Buyer Notifications 

-Indoor air quality assessments to help you find the right home.

-Data interpritation of the latest statistics. (see below) much more

It’s not much fun to spend time and money preparing to buy your dream home,  just to find out there is a mold or air quality issue.  It would be even worse to find out after closing.

Hugh’s Background

Over 15 years Realtor experience        plus        over 10 years air quality and home assessing in Key West and the Florida Keys


-Fl. licensed Real Estate Sales Associste

-BA in business/economics

-extensive experience as a real estate broker/owner and sales associate 

-owned and operated a real estate office with a dozen Realtors

-national Canadian real estate franchisee 

-built a home “hands on “ with all trades

Indoor Air Quality Assessor

-Owned a Home Inspection firm in Key West

- Curently Licenced as a Florida Mold Assessor

-CMA. Certified Mold Assessor

-CAIA Certified Advanced Indoor Air Assessor

-Works with Monroe County and the City of Key West on air quality issues.

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Hugh Johnson, Key West, Real Estate Sales Associate

1075 Duval St .

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Hugh Johnson  BA


Air Quality Assessor